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Take Care of Your Employees with Our Occupational Medicine Services

First Physicians offers top-notch occupational medical services to local business owners to help ensure the well-being of their employees. With five convenient locations throughout Odessa to serve you (Wendover Family Medicine, Westview Medical Clinic, East University Family Medicine, Women’s Health, and Occupational Medical Testing), we’re experts at helping companies and their respective staffs prevent work-related illnesses and injuries.

First Physicians offers pre-employment physicals and post-employment services with on-site, job-specific health and safety evaluations and a variety of diagnostic testing and medical services for multiple work-related medical conditions.

For over 20 years, First Physicians has been the leader in occupational medicine in the Permian Basin. We provide care for injuries, including workers compensation, pre-employment, and DOT physicals and testing.

Our partner company, FPOG Occupational Testing, delivers for employers with an extensive menu of services including pre-employment and DOT physicals, fitness for duty testing, silica exams, mask fit testing, drug testing, hearing screening, and much more. Visit top rated criminal defense attorney here. Our combined capabilities make First Physicians, the one-stop-shop in the Permian Basin for pre- or post-employment testing. Give us a call today to learn more about our occupational testing services.

Occupational Medicine Q&A

Q: What is occupational medicine?

A: Occupational medicine is an area of medical care in which doctors provide medical services to workers. Occupational medicine specialists take a broad approach when examining the health and safety of the employees in their care. Specifically, the specialists at First Physicians can do the following:

  • Teach workers how to prevent injuries and illnesses specific to their jobs and their actual physical environments
  • Provide professional medical care should anyone get hurt on the job, including both initial care and follow-up treatments
  • Manage medical care and treatment for workers who experience work-related exposures to such hazards as chemical agents, electrical sources, gasses and noxious fumes, or biological agents that can cause illness or injury
  • Help promote a healthy culture in the workplace by providing information on the importance of health maintenance behaviors such as smoking cessation, weight management, and stress reduction

What types of physicals and tests does First Physicians perform?


  • DOT (Department of Transportation)
  • Pre-employment
  • Return to work (clearance after an injury)


  • Pulmonary function
  • Respirator fit
  • Physical agility
  • Drug (urine and hair)
  • Breath (alcohol)
  • Nicotine
  • Hearing
  • Vision

Q: What other types of medical services does First Physicians provide for employees?

A: First Physicians provides preventive medical services and treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses. Whether employees are traveling outside of the U.S. on a work-related trip or injured on duty in the U.S., the doctors at First Physicians are ready to respond.

Preventive Services:

  • Immunizations
  • Travel medicine – prophylactic (preventive) medications and immunizations prior to travel
  • Workstation ergonomic evaluations
  • Diagnostic testing and surveillance screenings (labs and X-rays)

Occupational Injuries:

  • Orthopedic: back, extremities and joints (pain, strains, and sprains)
  • Slip-and-falls
  • Lacerations
  • Puncture wounds
  • Blunt-force trauma
  • Repetitive motion

Many of the providers at First Physicians are Certified Medical Examiners with the U.S. Department of Transportation and are listed on the National Registry. The practice will help you maintain a competitive edge with a well-prepared workforce that always functions at a high level. Call First Physicians today at (432) 362-0517 if you need occupational medical services for your company and employees.