Occupational Medicine & Much More

Pecos’s economy used to be centered around sulfur mining. Because of this, it lost population during the 1990s as many of the mines were closed. However, due to Pecos’s location in the center of the Trans Pecos region, it has become a retail and services cluster, with the hospitality industry in particular seeing a large expansion.

With new businesses come new population, and First Physicians has five locations to provide family medicine, urgent care, and occupational medicine to residents across the Trans Pecos region.

A Caring & Knowledgeable Staff

First Physicians provides health care for the whole family, including wellness and preventive care, annual physicals, and chronic disease management. We can diagnose and treat high blood pressure, heartburn, sinusitis, and other acute and chronic illnesses. We provide a range of women’s health care services as well.

As our patient, you have 24/7 access to our patient portal, where you can conveniently request prescription medication refills, see lab test results, and do you own health care research. First Physicians accepts most major insurance carriers.

First Physicians is ready to care for your entire family; call to make an appointment today.